What kind of construction work do the members of the Alliance do?

All kinds! Members of the committees build buildings, roads, and bridges. They do residential,industrial, and commercial work. They do maintenance, remodeling, or new construction.

I need to have some work done on my house or business. Help?

Sure! Check out the list of members and feel free to contact any of them. They’ll be happy to either help you themselves, or point you in the direction of a company that can. Or, you can contact for a referral to the right group.

How are the Alliance Committees funded?

The committees are funded by a combination of membership dues and grants from the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services.

How can I become a member?

Contact any current member of the Alliance Committee, or e-mail any construction contractor that is signatory to at least one construction collective bargaining agreement may become a member. Membership is also open to large construction users or owners.

Can I attend a meeting to see if I like it?

Certainly. Contact us for information

Can I be a guest speaker at a meeting?

The committees are certainly open to that! Contact to discuss whether your proposal topic is a good fit for the Alliance Committee.

Can I get the support of the Alliance Committee(s) on a project or political position?

Very possibly. The committees have all sent letters in support of various projects or issues at different times. Please contact us to discuss the project. You may be invited to participate in a discussion about the matter at an upcoming meeting.

Will the Alliance Committee endorse a candidate for public office?

Not generally. The committees typically voice support or opposition to specific bills or public policies, rather than individual political candidates.